Thursday, July 11, 2013

Windows 8 New "Print Screen"

Print Screen... The famous keyboard button that captures a screenshot and put it in a mysterious place... You can't see the "shot" unless you open a program like Paint or Photoshop or whatever, and paste it in there.

However, in Windows 8, things started to get more interesting.

Next time you want to take a screenshot, use this shortcut: Windows+PrtScn (that's holding the Windows button next to the Alt button, plus tapping the Print Screen button).

Once you do that, the screen "flashes" (or flickers, or fades out to black, whatever), and you can find your screenshot saved in Libraries\Pictures folder, inside Screenshots.

If you want the screenshots to be saved in another location, right-click on the Screenshots folder, go to the Location tab, and then click Move.... There you can select a folder of your choice.

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